What is VoorDeFilm?

VoorDeFilm is an independent film platform by Menno Kooistra that produces mashups, video essay’s and film analyses.

Since 2009 Menno has made mashups, mostly for Dutch film site VPRO Cinema. Most of them can be found on this site. These mashups are little tributes to the medium film and the filmmakers. It’s a tremendous kick to put as many films as possible in these short video’s. And it’s even better if the mashup tells a story.
The Amsterdam Imagine Festival showed two of VoorDeFilm’s mashups in the central hall of the Eye Film Museum. In 2016 the mashup ‘Building Dreams and Nightmares’ opened the festival. 2018 Will be the third time the festival screens a mashup by VoorDeFilm.

Video essay’s
VoorDeFilm also produces video essay’s, in cooperation with film journalists, like Kees Driessen, Hedwig van Driel, Jan Pieter Ekker en Dana Linssen. These video’s were all made for and screened at the International Filmfestival Rotterdam, Nederlands Film Festival and at the Directors_NL Award celebrations.

When VoorDeFilm started in august 2014, I mainly produced film introductions, together with film buffs, film journalists and other experts. You know, like the ones that were broadcasted in the golden TV era before a movie. It’s not my main focus anymore, but all 43 introductions can still be viewed on the Youtube channel of VoorDeFilm. In 2014 we made special introductions for an award show of the Dutch Directors Guild.

De bescheiden thuisstudio

The humble home studio we used for the Filmtalks.

I studied camera at the Dutch Film Academy and graduated in 2003 as a Filmstudies Master of Arts. Besides my editting and camera work for VoorDeFilm I work as a web and video editor at the Dutch broadcast organisation VPRO.

VoorDeFilm worked for:
VPRO Cinema
Imagine Film Festival
International Filmfestival Rotterdam
Nederlands Film Festival
Dutch Directors Guild
Stripdagen Haarlem
DirectorsNL Awards
Film & Media Festival Alkmaar