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I Gave You Life
A mashup about Lab Rats in Horror Movies
Let’s Talk About Sects (IMAGINE mashup 2019)
29 Films about guru's and sect leaders in one minute. Made for the 2019 Imagine Film Festival Amsterdam.
Kick-ass women (1 Minute Movie Mashup)
Mashup made for the Kick-ass Women program at the Imagine Film Festival in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Fantastic Fashion (mashup IMAGINE 2017)
Mashup made for the 33rd edition of the Imagine Film Festival in Amsterdam. 37 Films in 2 minutes!
Building Dreams and Nightmares
Made for the Imagine Film Festival Amsterdam and VPRO Cinema.
Judgement Day (robots in de film)
'We Love Robots' was het thema van het afgelopen Imagine Film Festival Amsterdam. Deze mashup werd vertoond op de muur van het EYE Filmmuseum en laat [...]