Menstruation in the movies

21 June 2021 - Mashups

How menstruation or having your period is often displayed the media. 21clips from films, series and commercials in 1 (and a half) minute.

Edit by Menno Kooistra, VoorDeFilm

Thanks to Marlijn Aarts

Clips used: Carrie (1976) The Blue Lagoon (1980) Sofy Be Fresh reclame (2016) The Runaways (2010) Shark Week – Hand Job Academy music video (2013) It (2015) Dirty Love (2005) Broad City: Jews on a Plane, S03E10 (2016) Libra #bloodnormal commercial (2019) The Craft Legacy (2020) The Story of Menstruation (Disney & Kotex) (1946) No Strings Attached (2011) What PMS is really like, YouTube Channel by Meghan Rienks (2015) Tampax reclama met Courtney Cox (1985) Inside Edition: Trump on Megyn Kelly Blood Comment (10 augustus 2015) Saba Tampones commercial: Tampón Tampoff (2018) Comedy Central UK: John Hastings (2017) Sofy commercial (2017) 20th Century Women (2016) Kotex commercial (2013) Family Guy: Tea Peter, S10E21 (2012)   Music: Shark Week – Hand Job Academy (2013)

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