Sexually transgressive behavior in Dutch Cinema

25 June 2022 - Mashups

“Neighbor, what are you doing?” asks Kees in Flodder (1986) to the neighbor who is all over her. It is perhaps the most famous scene in Dutch Cinema depicting sexually transgressive behavior in a “funny and innocent” way.

An overview from bad to worse of (mostly) men crossing boundaries.

Originally made for theater Het Ketelhuis, which organizes an annual debate evening about pressing issues in the Dutch film world:

Music: Doe Maar – Belle Helene
Films: Flodder (1986)
Turks Fruit (1973)
Naar de Klote (1996)
De Zeemeerman (1996)
De Jurk (1996)
Antonia (1995)
Hoge Hakken, Echte Liefde (1981)
De Boezemvriend (1982)
Honneponnetje (1988)
Amsterdamned (1988)
Spetters (1980)
Keetje Tippel (1975)
Schneider vs. Bax (2015)
Het Debuut (1977)
Schatjes! (1984)
De Lift (1983)
Lili (2019)
Wildschut (1985)
Brimstone (2016)

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