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It’s called The Nightmare
Every movie reference to Fuseli's masterpiece
I Gave You Life
A mashup about Lab Rats in Horror Movies
There’s something in my eye (SAFE TO WATCH!)
Eyes wide open! Here’s some eye-candy for you eye fetishists!
Coulrophobia: Terror Clowns in movies (1 Minute Movie mashup)
Almost Almost Halloween and creepy clowns terrorize te streets. Time for a clowns in movies-mashup!
Deadly Peepholes (1 Minute Movie Mashup)
Peepholes, Peeping Tom’s, voyeurism and death.
As Shiny As It Gets (1 Minute Movie Mashup)
Danny from The Shining meets Jack. But from another movie.
Building Dreams and Nightmares
Made for the Imagine Film Festival Amsterdam and VPRO Cinema.
Judgement Day (robots in de film)
'We Love Robots' was het thema van het afgelopen Imagine Film Festival Amsterdam. Deze mashup werd vertoond op de muur van het EYE Filmmuseum en laat [...]
Upside Down
Dancing, walking, crawling and suffering on the ceilings of the big screen.
Psycho Science
Crazy men and mad scientists on the big screen.
Wanna play?
Creepy dolls of the silver screen.
Psycho Chicks
These women in film go completely crazy.
Rooney Scream
Could Ed Rooney be behind the Scream mask?