It’s called The Nightmare

1 June 2023 - Mashups

The Nightmare is a painting from 1781 by Henry Fuseli. The painting’s dreamlike and haunting erotic evocation of infatuation and obsession has always been a major inspiration for filmmakers. In this video the most films, tv-series and music video’s that pay tribute to the painting are featured.

Made by Menno Kooistra for VoorDeFilm.

Music and sound design by Berend Dubbe for Shiverville.
The song “Come Wander With Me” was composed by Jeff Alexander and Anthony Wilson and performed by Berend Dubbe.

Thank you:
The Marquise of O (1976)
L’Amour la Mort (2022)
Gothic (1986)
Tear of the Prince of Darkness (1993)
Delilah (The Odyssey, chapter 8) – Florence + The Machine (2015)
Horsehead (2014)
Frankenstein (1910)
Lost in the Fire – Gesaffelstein & The Weeknd (2019)
Der Nachtmahr (2015)
Borgman (2013)
Desideratum (2011)
Frankenstein (1931)
Vampyr (1932)
Mare (2020)
Incubus (2019)
The Stars are out Tonight – David Bowie (2013)
Penda’s Fen (1974)
Ju-On The Grudge (2002)
Alien: Covenant (2017)
Slumber (2017)
Echoes (2014)
Cat’s Eye (1985)
Dead Awake (2016)
Evil S01E01 (2020)
Fuseli (2014)
Grimm S06E06 (2017)
The Incubus (1982)
Here Comes The Devil (2012)
DC Super Hero Girls – S01E37 (2020)
The Nightmare (2015)

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