Three thoughts about I, Tonya

29 January 2018 - Video essays

We are very honored that this video essay is mentioned in Sight & Sound’s ‘The best video essays of 2018‘ list!

It’s tempting, while watching I, Tonya, to focus on one question: did Tonya Harding have a part in the attack on her rival Nancy Kerrigan? Was she fundamentally a good person or a bad person? Is I, Tonya is a great movie or a terrible movie. Instead of trying to determine how much Tonya knew, or which side of the critical debate you fall on, I invite you all to take some time, instead, to reflect on thoughts prompted by this movie. And as a starting point, here are three of mine.

Written by Hedwig van Driel and edited by Menno Kooistra.

Video essay made for the Critics’ Choice program at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. It was played before the screening of I, Tonya (2017) by Craig Gillespie on November 25, 2018.

Music used:
Doris Day – Dream A Little Dream Of Me
Chris Zabriskie – CGI Snake
Kai Engel – Modum
ZZ Top – Sleeping Bag
Kai Engel – Irsen’s Tale
Kai Engel – Periculum

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