30 January 2013 - Mashups

A tribute to David Bowie in sound and vision.
I asked DJ Sandeman to mix together my personal favorite Bowie tracks. After that I added the visuals.

I uploaded a second version of this video early 2013 with visuals from the ‘Where are we now’ clip to celebrate David Bowie’s comeback after ten years

On February 18, 2013 David Bowie himself linked to this video on his site, with the words “This is cool”.

Sound design: Sandeman (@sandeman)
Visual design: Menno Kooistra (@mennomail)

Thank you, David Bowie, for everything you’ve given us (so far)!

First edit: November 11, 2012
Last edit: January 30, 2013

This video received a lot of media attention. I summed it up in this Dutch blogpost.

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