1000 Hotel Rooms (trailer)
A VoorDeFilm work in progress. Collecting all Hotel Room Numbers from 1 to 1000. I'm almost there. Will you help me?
Kick-ass women (1 Minute Movie Mashup)
Mashup made for the Kick-ass Women program at the Imagine Film Festival in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Future Screens
The screen in sci-fi movies. A mashup.
Here are the 80’s! (1 Minute Music Mashup)
NEW: 1 Minute MUSIC Mashups. Here's one for starters: the eighties in all it's glory in 1 minute. See if you recognize all the songs and clips!
Fantastic Fashion (mashup IMAGINE 2017)
Mashup made for the 33rd edition of the Imagine Film Festival in Amsterdam. 37 Films in 2 minutes!
There’s something in my eye (SAFE TO WATCH!)
Eyes wide open! Here’s some eye-candy for you eye fetishists!
Coulrophobia: Terror Clowns in movies (1 Minute Movie mashup)
Almost Almost Halloween and creepy clowns terrorize te streets. Time for a clowns in movies-mashup!
327 - Spectre - 1000 Hotel Rooms (Colombia Pictures)
Wanted: Hotel room numbers in the movies!
Hello, I'm a collector of movie scenes and at the moment I'm desperately looking for scenes with hotel room numbers. Will you help me?
Tom Cruise Control (1 Minute Movie Mashup)
Tom Cruise really loves Tom Cruise.
Deadly Peepholes (1 Minute Movie Mashup)
Peepholes, Peeping Tom’s, voyeurism and death.