Nulversie: book trailer
A short book trailer for 'Nulversie', the novel by Basje Boer. The book is about looking and being looked at.
Photo mashups: Find the…
Detailed images in which the readers are challenged to search all the hidden films. Where's Wally for films!
1000 Hotel Rooms (trailer)
A VoorDeFilm work in progress. Collecting all Hotel Room Numbers from 1 to 1000. I'm almost there. Will you help me?
Kick-ass women (1 Minute Movie Mashup)
Mashup made for the Kick-ass Women program at the Imagine Film Festival in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Future Screens
The screen in sci-fi movies. Made for the first Media Festival Alkmaar.
Here are the 80’s! (1 Minute Music Mashup)
NEW: 1 Minute MUSIC Mashups. Here's one for starters: the eighties in all it's glory in 1 minute. See if you recognize all the songs and clips!
Fantastic Fashion (mashup IMAGINE 2017)
Mashup made for the 33rd edition of the Imagine Film Festival in Amsterdam. 37 Films in 2 minutes!
There’s something in my eye (SAFE TO WATCH!)
Eyes wide open! Here’s some eye-candy for you eye fetishists!
Coulrophobia: Terror Clowns in movies (1 Minute Movie mashup)
Almost Almost Halloween and creepy clowns terrorize te streets. Time for a clowns in movies-mashup!
327 - Spectre - 1000 Hotel Rooms (Colombia Pictures)
Wanted: Hotel room numbers in the movies!
Hello, I'm a collector of movie scenes and at the moment I'm desperately looking for scenes with hotel room numbers. Will you help me?